A Thousand Wines Project

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Slow.  Seductive progression, but meaningful and full session— intricate flavor and character lesson, compounded narrative, chasing chocolate and leather, set to get better with time’s guide and intrinsic eye.  One of those bottles that has me thrown to paradigmatic throne.  Impossible there could be a clone, Bordeaux-loving mind altogether blown.

More reaction in-tow… This bottle like a musical and bottled Poe.  Profuse, obtuse, neither false nor excessively true with its palate-feel and sense, assembly of notes and covert winks.  Only drops into you and nothing to sink.

As air uptakes into wine’s body more loudly the story cartwheels at your vessel.  Something for all something’s, someone’s, sometime’s…. Veritable with playful tussle and composition, jazzy body and structure, atmospheric architecture and octave.


note— Charmé

img_1823I’ve always seen wine as a literary being, not so much a chemical or agricultural product.  The relationships we realize and develop with whatever wines we prefer and chase down are OURS.  Don’t just blindly follow some sommelier or critic.  Don’t let them tell you to like or dislike the character in the bottle.  Approach the story with an open mind, I suggest.  Last night’s Chardonnay still on my thoughts with its slow rolls over my senses, punctuating its prime shapeliness and subtleties.  For a while, right after opening the bottle, I just sipped—  Didn’t look at my phone, didn’t take a single note in the Composition Book, just listened to what it had to say.  I listened to it like my mother was talking, or sister, close friend or one of my children in their own unique tongue.  The communication was elevated, and yes because I enjoyed the wine.  But, even if I don’t like what I sip, I still listen.  I learn from the flavor construction and the tactile composition of the wine’s momentum.  In wine being literary, it’s alive, cognitive, evolutionary, complicated and self-contradicting, musical and unpredictable.  If I’ve ever followed a wine, and let it deliver its thesis before I react, it was last night.  Tellement amoureux.



We as lovers would first educate ourselves.  If you want to take a class here and there, or get some certification, or whatever, that’s fine.  But first, we should educate ourselves.  Go get books, read them with measured embrace, take notes.. always be a student, and your own professor.  Dive into it not even head-first, but all-you-first.  Wine has always spoken to me with humility and curiosity, urging me to be more like It.  If you love something, someone, and wine is more a ‘someone’ than a ‘something’, then you learn.  But it’s not class.  It’s life.  IT’s words and feelings, reactions realities.  Tonight’s wine again made me a lover.. interpreter or so I hope— lost in my dazzle, rouse, rabble— conflict but not so much afflicted.  I’m writing when all I want to do is sleep, and I have tonight’s yours to thank or that.  Heater coming on, rain maybe outside, but the bottle continues to me speak in verse I’ve never before heard.  Teaching me in a full-time sense, nothing adjunct’d.  Keep writing, I tell myself.  I’ve been most purposefully taught something tonight— how wine can yell a different verse, show a different scene and cry with loving absorption.

Mr. Jason Elkin, and the Bottled Coherence and Unification of his Sippable Saunter

img_1256Hopping over the hill to revel in a liberating appreciation of Napa.  Something different, something human–  this is what any lover of wine needs and should seek.  Jason avails openness and acceptance, and he actuates what he advertises.  We met at the David Fulton property to discuss everything from wine to wine marketing, to wine philosophies.  We sat on the veranda overlooking the vines and decided to ease into a robust exploration of wine and industry scenes.  Mr. Elkin has an ambition that’s difficult to catalogue and encase, as the prongs multiply multitudinously as you progress into discussion with this vino bloke.

Monsieur Elkin approaches the wine world and rhythms not just as an “innovator”, but a tireless and inexhaustibly reaching creator, animated in playing the wine ideas like piano img_1347keys, but not just playing… bringing all to a fruitful and tasty fruition.  He sent me a bottle of Equality Cabernet and the Red Blend.  Both wines, to be blunt, were like whirling and palatable invitations and thought-generators for the wine lover.  The palates were consistent, but in no way predictable or lacking any type of complexity or narrative– they both disclosed unique identities and motions about their respective flavor suggestions and strokes.

Jason doesn’t just boast and promote openness and acceptance, diversity and inclusiveness… he epitomizes it, teaches the everyday wine consumer something about why we love what we love.  He’s an inventive mammoth, something quite refreshing in this day where so many just want to produce another SKU.  Mr. Elkin wants to say something– he has a thesis to support, and he does wildly, something of a tasty instruction and flavor-syncopated lecture, perfect for not just a wine journalist and blogger like this writer, but everyone.  Wine’s meant to unify, and that’s what these bottles, and their charming principal, remind me, us, of.