Mr. Jason Elkin, and the Bottled Coherence and Unification of his Sippable Saunter

img_1256Hopping over the hill to revel in a liberating appreciation of Napa.  Something different, something human–  this is what any lover of wine needs and should seek.  Jason avails openness and acceptance, and he actuates what he advertises.  We met at the David Fulton property to discuss everything from wine to wine marketing, to wine philosophies.  We sat on the veranda overlooking the vines and decided to ease into a robust exploration of wine and industry scenes.  Mr. Elkin has an ambition that’s difficult to catalogue and encase, as the prongs multiply multitudinously as you progress into discussion with this vino bloke.

Monsieur Elkin approaches the wine world and rhythms not just as an “innovator”, but a tireless and inexhaustibly reaching creator, animated in playing the wine ideas like piano img_1347keys, but not just playing… bringing all to a fruitful and tasty fruition.  He sent me a bottle of Equality Cabernet and the Red Blend.  Both wines, to be blunt, were like whirling and palatable invitations and thought-generators for the wine lover.  The palates were consistent, but in no way predictable or lacking any type of complexity or narrative– they both disclosed unique identities and motions about their respective flavor suggestions and strokes.

Jason doesn’t just boast and promote openness and acceptance, diversity and inclusiveness… he epitomizes it, teaches the everyday wine consumer something about why we love what we love.  He’s an inventive mammoth, something quite refreshing in this day where so many just want to produce another SKU.  Mr. Elkin wants to say something– he has a thesis to support, and he does wildly, something of a tasty instruction and flavor-syncopated lecture, perfect for not just a wine journalist and blogger like this writer, but everyone.  Wine’s meant to unify, and that’s what these bottles, and their charming principal, remind me, us, of.




IMG_9263A lazy Saturday, and I think of opening something, but I don’t.  With wine there’s an erotic factor, some insatiable voice that has to be delayed, as that makes the wine last and taste better, have more conviction and hold on your humanity.  Thesis of the day, this lazy Saturday and my day off which I’ve spent pestering myself on what to open tonight and how many wine visits I haven’t yet written about and posted to blog…  Just pick something.  In fact, open something you “shouldn’t”.  Something you ‘should’ age.  Already have it picked I think, now I feel like I’ve done something today, not so gelatinous and procrastinating.  I’m wine-responsible.



Tonight I think I’m opening this Chardonnay that I’ve had in the fridge for a while.  Not sure why, just something I think I’m going to do.  Any why not.  Isn’t wine about the impulse, about the spontaneity?  About that ‘leap’?  I’m hoping it’ll be one way, then I hope it’s another— who knows.  It’s in the fridge, and I’ll open it in about three hours or so.

So, I’ll let you know.

And what will I let you know?  That I loved it?  That I “liked” it?  That I have my criticisms of it?  Don’t know.  Haven’t planned that either.

And I don’t want to.


Bottled Thought:  004

IMG_9886During yesterday’s tasting at Sunce, I realized what an interesting dynamic and existential morsel a tasting room is.  Why?  Well, it’s where people familiar with or curious about wine amalgamate to see what’s in the glass, what this winery has to say, and what they’ll see, learn, like, dislike in what wine’s poured.  How their palates and senses concerning wine develop at that bar, at the counter with the person or couple people pouring for them.  If they’d had Merlot before but not at this winery, you could say they’ve never had Merlot before, in that moment and context, in the pleasurable entrapment of that tasting room.


I’ve always seen the bar as not so much a filter, but a doorstep.  Or maybe IMG_9884a bit of a filter, for the consumer, the one who makes the business and our world (those in the business and writing/blogging about it) forward in creative deluges of varietal interpretation and exploration.  Yesterday I had three Pinots and several Bordeaux pours, among much else.  Steve behind the bar was gentle and convivial, and encouraging of my reaction to Sunce’s pours.  A moment of growth for me as a wine consumer, where I didn’t have to think too hard about what I was poured but just be receptive to the new takes on the grapes.

IMG_9875When I hear the word “tasting”, I think ‘trying’, with no pressure or coercion; no intimidation and no expectation.  It’s a travel to somewhere you’ve never seen.  And “Room”? I think ‘comfort’, I think ‘welcome’, I think ‘ease’.  So I have to again ask why some surround the subject of wine with unnecessary anointment, with self-indulgent hyperbole and unwanted totem talk?  It’s Life, this wine we sip, and the room is where we appreciate it, sip it and grow from, in, and with IT.  “So, then, how is a ‘morsel’, as you said?” Because, boldly, it’s a matter of taste, of preference and proclivity.  It’s personal.  So there is no right.  And aptly, no wrong.  So step to the bar with eagerness and no angst-angled chagrin.